KFC Commercial Dude Spotted Eating at Burger King

BK Subservient Chicken Tries to meet Mr KFC 2204355

BK Subservient Chicken Tries to meet Mr KFC 2204355

Report just in from blog commenters, that the star of our beloved 2204355 video was recently spotted at a local Burger King in Madison, Wisconsin.   This has not been verified, but it sounded like the patrons at the local Burger King had a field day taking pictures with the guy, holding a bk tendercrisp.

Word is that the subservient chicken went to meet the KFC star, but he left beforehand.

2204355 in the News

The magic numbers have been appearing all over the news. Even time.com has a reference to the lucky chicken man’s favourite numbers. It’s been popping up in social media. Is this a true meme? I’m feeling that it may be lucky enough to be one! There’s a facebook 2204355 page, and numerous spoofs on youtube, such as this one:

Well, so much about being in the news, you can google 2204.. uhh, 355 yourself, and see what comes up in the news.

Philippines beginning of 135,000 Searches of 2204355 in past month, Chile wins the Title!

According to Google keywords tool, 135,000 people globally searched for 2204355.

135,000 searches in a month!

2204355 captures 135,000 searches in a month!

2204355 global visitors

Where the 135,000 searches are coming from?

Upon doing further research, the majority are coming from Chile.  Then comes, Ireland, the Philippines, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, United States, Australia, Argentina and Israel.

Where did it all start?  I believe it all started in Manilla, Philippines.

Take a look at the following image of search stats for Jun 23-27 (the birth of the phenomenon).  Note that prior to these dates, there was no noticeable volume of searches for the keyword 2204355.  It seems that the Philippines was the birth of this phenomenon.

Birth of 2204355 searches

2204355 Searches began in Manilla, the Philippines?

Over the past month, here are the citywide stats for searches:

Searches for 2204355 by city

Searches for 2204355 by city

Over the whole month, the winner for searches, by city is Santiago, Chile, then, Toronto, Canada, Los Angeles, United States, Sydney, Australia, New York, United States, Milan, Italy, Madrid, Spain, London, United Kingdom, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Milpitas, United States.

Are you in any of these regions?  Maybe in Philipinnes?  or Chile? Seen Alf in any of these places? Please comment below.

5534022 or 2204355, anyone know where this song is from?

Special merit to anyone who can figure out what thins song is!

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Has the 2204355 fad passed into the realm of hampsterdance?

I couldn’t find an embeddable version of “hampsterdance” [sic], but how many of you guys remember the hampsterdance back in 1997 or so (using a high-speed/pitch version of the song from disney’s Robin Hood).  It got so popular someone made a remix of it which also became popular.

The story behind 2204355

2204355 came about as follows. A few years ago, KFC had a commercial with a few different people eating chicken and acting like idiots.  This commercial somehow became known as the ‘racist kfc commercial’.  Why it was racist?  I don’t think it was, see for yourself:

Someone out there decided to make a mockery of this KFC commercial, add some ‘techno-ized” version of the ALF Theme Song, and posted it on a web site called “imageshack.us”.  It sat there doing nothing for a while, I’m sure the person sent it to his friends, etc.  The original link of the site was http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/8619/2204355.swf .  For whatever reason, the video was given either a random or sequential number as a filename, and was uploaded and saved as 2204355.swf.  Until very recently, this link was still active, and only recently got taken down due to some terms of use violation.

Since the number 2204355 wasn’t commonly used on the internet, if someone searched 2204355, the first thing that came up on google would be this silly video.  As many people know, there is a button in google called “I’m Feeling Lucky”.  If someone clicks on this button, it will automatically load the first page on the google results.  Hence, if someone typed into google those key numbers, 2204355, and then clicked on “I’m Feeling Lucky”, the imageshack.us web site would come up automatically, and you would see that silly KFC commercial with the Alf Music automatically.

As enough people did this, thought it was funny, and passed it via e-mail to each other, the imageshack flash mockery of the KFC commercial became very popular!  In the past month, according to google, 135,000 people have searched the keyword “2204355”.

This is the story.  If you have anything to add, please feel free to comment.

Thanks to CO4 Computing for discovering music was from ALF

We got found a link from the web design and SEO company CO4 Computing Inc. showing that the music is the ALF theme song.

Welcome to the 2204355 Video Home Page!

Welcome to our new home page!  On this site you fill find all kinds of videos related to the subject of 2204355, feeling lucky and chicken.  If you have any questions about how the video got started, etc., feel free to ask.

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