Philippines beginning of 135,000 Searches of 2204355 in past month, Chile wins the Title!

According to Google keywords tool, 135,000 people globally searched for 2204355.

135,000 searches in a month!

2204355 captures 135,000 searches in a month!

2204355 global visitors

Where the 135,000 searches are coming from?

Upon doing further research, the majority are coming from Chile.  Then comes, Ireland, the Philippines, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, United States, Australia, Argentina and Israel.

Where did it all start?  I believe it all started in Manilla, Philippines.

Take a look at the following image of search stats for Jun 23-27 (the birth of the phenomenon).  Note that prior to these dates, there was no noticeable volume of searches for the keyword 2204355.  It seems that the Philippines was the birth of this phenomenon.

Birth of 2204355 searches

2204355 Searches began in Manilla, the Philippines?

Over the past month, here are the citywide stats for searches:

Searches for 2204355 by city

Searches for 2204355 by city

Over the whole month, the winner for searches, by city is Santiago, Chile, then, Toronto, Canada, Los Angeles, United States, Sydney, Australia, New York, United States, Milan, Italy, Madrid, Spain, London, United Kingdom, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Milpitas, United States.

Are you in any of these regions?  Maybe in Philipinnes?  or Chile? Seen Alf in any of these places? Please comment below.

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