The story behind 2204355

2204355 came about as follows. A few years ago, KFC had a commercial with a few different people eating chicken and acting like idiots.  This commercial somehow became known as the ‘racist kfc commercial’.  Why it was racist?  I don’t think it was, see for yourself:

Someone out there decided to make a mockery of this KFC commercial, add some ‘techno-ized” version of the ALF Theme Song, and posted it on a web site called “”.  It sat there doing nothing for a while, I’m sure the person sent it to his friends, etc.  The original link of the site was .  For whatever reason, the video was given either a random or sequential number as a filename, and was uploaded and saved as 2204355.swf.  Until very recently, this link was still active, and only recently got taken down due to some terms of use violation.

Since the number 2204355 wasn’t commonly used on the internet, if someone searched 2204355, the first thing that came up on google would be this silly video.  As many people know, there is a button in google called “I’m Feeling Lucky”.  If someone clicks on this button, it will automatically load the first page on the google results.  Hence, if someone typed into google those key numbers, 2204355, and then clicked on “I’m Feeling Lucky”, the web site would come up automatically, and you would see that silly KFC commercial with the Alf Music automatically.

As enough people did this, thought it was funny, and passed it via e-mail to each other, the imageshack flash mockery of the KFC commercial became very popular!  In the past month, according to google, 135,000 people have searched the keyword “2204355”.

This is the story.  If you have anything to add, please feel free to comment.

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